Everything You Need to Transport Your Mobility Scooter

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Just because you have a mobility scooter, it doesn’t mean that you can take it to town on its own power, so you may have to put it in your vehicle. For the most part, lifting a scooter into a car can be very difficult without the proper equipment, but many people do not know what they need or if they can get their insurance to cover it. The following items include everything you need to transport your mobility scooter.

Vehicle Requirements

If you have a scooter then you will need a small van or SUV that has the space for your scooter in the back. This is because there is simply no room in cars and small automobiles and you definitely do not want to put the scooter in the back of a pickup truck where it might be subjected to bad weather. There are many motor companies that offer motability vehicles specifically designed for use with disabled or handicapped persons who might have trouble getting around. There are also many programs that might be available in any specific area to trade out a car or smaller vehicle for a larger one that can carry a mobility scooter.

A Spare Battery

If your mobility scooter allows you to replace batteries then you may want to pack a spare one just in case; this is because it is better to be safe and take precautions. What’s more, spare batteries are typically quite affordable when available. If the battery is not replaceable then don’t worry, you simply have to memorise the amount of battery power that the scooter has or set a stop watch to go off within 75% of the maximum time usage so that you have time to get back to your vehicle. So for example if your mobility scooter allows two hours of riding time between chargers then you can set an alarm for one and a half hours so that you have thirty minutes to return to the car after the alarm goes off.

A Scooter Lift or Hoist

Safety precautions aside, you will almost definitely need a hoist or lift to help with lifting a scooter into a car. Scooters can weigh a great deal so make sure you check to see the weight of yours before purchasing an option. Common hoists can lift from 40 to 150 kilograms and do cost different amounts of money depending on the lift and the brand. Your insurance might pay for the lift if you require it to get around or to go to work or get groceries.

There are a variety of different types of hoists and each one is suitable to a slightly different vehicle. However, arm hoists which are attached to the interior of the vehicle are the most common. These require professional installation and should be installed by the company who sells it.

Folding Scooter

If you have limited room in your vehicle than a folding scooter may be the best option for you. Folding mobility scooters have slightly lower weight limits than standard scooters but are also built to conserve as much space as possible. These are often the lightest and most mobile of scooters because they are smaller and easier to fit anywhere. Interestingly, folding scooters are recommended to be taken on a plane or long distance trip which makes them the best option or anyone who travels frequently.

Travelling with a scooter can be difficult without the right vehicle or equipment but most people can quickly find a great setup that allows them to travel easily. A hoist and the right size vehicle can mean getting a scooter into a car in as little as ten minutes which means it is very easy to travel. 

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