Six Main Excuses for not Exercising to look out for

Are you one of these people that likes to give excuses? Do you also like to produce one of them when it comes to exercising? ┬áThere are hundreds of excuses out there and I have heard them all. I am also guilty of using an excuse here and there – I am not perfect, I am also guilty. It is easy to make an excuse without thinking in the longer term how it will affect your exercising regime and your lifestyle. The first step is always the hardest in any case but soon after you are able to kick the habit with ease.

Here are the six most common excuses for not exercising that we hear everyday.

Number 1 – I just Don’t have enough time in my day

Most people say the reason they don’t do exercise is because they don’t have enough time. The truth is, if you want to be healthy simply incorporate easy workouts into your busy schedule. Try to walk when you are few distance from the office. This helps you burn calories. Try to move more around the workplace, take the stairs instead of escalators or elevator. It’s a matter of changing a lifestyle and making it a habit. We will always have time, you just need to manage it.

Number 2 – Exercise is not fun for me

The second excuses why people don’t exercise is that it is boring. The best way to escape from a boring exercise is to think outside the box and explore other workout plans. There are plenty of exercises you can try that can fit your lifestyle. If you have tried walking as way of exercising, try dancing and aerobics. You can also venture on water sports or outdoor activities. This way you will burn more as well as enjoying what you are doing.

Number 3 – I’m too busy to exercise

This is the most common excuse for everybody. We have to admit it; our schedules are busy, yet if we give time for exercises, we can do it. We just need to set priorities. Just as mothers can come to see their child first presentation or a lover willing to call despite having hours of meeting, so can you set time for your exercise.

Number 4 – I’m too tired from being in work all day

Chances are you are too tired after work and you do not want to do workout. You just want to relax and rest at home. Though you are busy at work, you can still have exercise in the morning. A workout in the morning helps recharge your body. It stimulates your heart, clear out toxins and sets your energy for the day. Even a light stretching will help your body stay fit throughout the day. The more you exercise, the more you have energy for the day.

Number 5 – I’m actually too lazy

There are people who just want to read books and watch TV. They don’t want to move out of their comfort zone. If you are unsure and uncomfortable with exercise, start with a simple activity at home. You can dance at home and still feel comfortable while burning calories.

Number 6 – I’m not built for sport

People think that workouts are only for sporty people because they need the workout. Exercise is important and everybody needs it to stay healthy and live long. Just like athletes, we need exercise so we can perform well in our given field.

Do you fit into any of these excuses? Remember though, even if you eat healthy, exercise is still a part of a well balanced diet and you need to exercise alongside an eating regime.

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