Circuit Training

Living Room Circuit Training

Circuit Training in your Living Room

Many people who attend a gym go through a process of circuits or repetitions. This is known at circuit training and it the most beneficial way of getting a return from your workout efforts. Circuit training is an effective workout method because it can combine weight training, full-body exercises, bodyweight exercises, and cardio all into one shorter workout that sheds body fat, blasts calories, and makes stiff and sore but better in the long run.

A quick few benefits of circuit training include:

1- A whole body workout, since the exercises require you to use all your muscles.

2- A wide variety of exercises to keep things interesting.

3- It’s an easy way of working out if you want cardiovascular benefits combined with muscle strength and endurance.

4- It helps to tone and define your body.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training


Living Room Circuit Training Example

  • 20 minute walking lunges whilst holding dumbbells
  • 20 minute plie squats with triceps extensions
  • 30 seconds leg side raise with opposite arm side raise-using dumbbells
  • 20 minute burpees
  • 20 minute jump rope
  • 30 second plank hold
  • 30 second plank with leg taps

Repeat the circuit 3 times with short interval’s for rest in between.

Circuit Training Exercises

A few other drills you can incorporate into a circuit training workout could be -

  • For the Upper-body -
    • Press ups, Bench dips, Pull ups, Medicine ball chest pass, Bench lift, Inclined press up
  • For your Core & trunk -
    • Sit ups (lower abdominals), Stomach crunch (upper abdominals), Back extension chest raise
  • For the Lower-body -
    • Squat jumps, Compass jumps, Astride jumps, Step ups, Shuttle runs, Hopping shuttles, Bench squat
  • Total-body workout exercises -
    • Burpees, Treadmills, Squat thrusts, Skipping

Disadvantages of Circuit Training

A few disadvantages of circuit training include -

  • The fact that many exercises require equipment such as gym equipment
  • Space is required to set up the circuit exercises & equipment
  • In general can only be conducted where appropriate facilities/equipment are available
  • Use of additional equipment requires appropriate health and safety monitoring of heart rate and health

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