Low Fat Breakfast Ideas

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Looking for Low Fat Breakfast Ideas?

People are always curious as to the healthiest way to start of their day with their first meal. Of course, the first meal of the day is the most important therefore it needs to be tasty.  Fuelling your body for the day ahead, many people seem to skip breakfast, especially if they’re trying to lose weight, when in fact the much more sensible thing to do rather than skip breakfast would be to skip pudding or even snacking throughout the day or in the evening. Another reason to skipping breakfast is due to being too busy, this unfortunately, leads to people grabbing anything and everything when hunger kicks in throughout the morning. So you should seek to make the effort to eating a breakfast and healthy breakfast, so here are a few options for you to pick tomorrow Low Fat Breakfast –

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Whole Wheat Pancakes Healthy Breakfast

Why not try making some healthy, low fat, whole wheat pancakes that are light and fluffy and taste just as good as normal pancakes – only healthier and kinder on the waistline. For toppings you could use fruit or some yoghurt.


Crepes Healthy Breakfast

Crepes, which are a thinner version of your traditional pancake, they can be a healthy addition to many meals. Crepes can also be made with whole-wheat flour and filled with fruit for sweet crepe recipes and lean proteins and fiber-rich vegetables for savory crepe recipes just the same as the previous option of pancakes – crepes are less bulkier.

Pumpkin Oatmeal

Pumpkin Oatmeal Healthy Breakfast


For breakfast with a fall flavor that really sticks to your ribs and provides a slow release of energy throughout the day, try a delicious bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.

Herbed Omelet

Herbed Omelet Low Fat Breakfast

Egg’s are a great tasty option for your breakfast – adding some herbs is a great way to include taste without needing extra seasoning and flavouring.


Smoothie Low Fat Breakfast

Fruit are a great source of taste and energy, blending it is one way of getting it in you quicker and on the move.

Yogurt Granola Parfait

Yoghurt Granola Cereal Low Fat Breakfast


Granola is another brilliant source of energy, mixing in some strawberry yoghurt or other flavour, and topping it off with some fruit is one way to a tasty breakfast.

Bowl of Fruit

Bowl of Fruit Low Fat Breakfast


This one is simple – a bowl of chopped up fruit, very healthy and low fat.

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