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Moves App for iPhone

If you are seeking to get a bit more fit, track how fit you are or just in general be a bit more active then this new app is just for you. Called moves – it might just be what you need to track your daily activity in a more subtle and useful way.

There are several other fitness and health apps out there but Moves App differs from all others where they all rely on one underlying process at its core – the user manually turning the app on whenever they’re about to start running, cycling or doing any other form of exercise whilst the Moves App can simply run in the background and put it on hold when it is not being used.

Moves App for iPhone

Moves App for iPhone


The moves app has not been devised to make you the next olympian, but it helps you to walk to work a little more often, take the stairs rather than the elevator, or walk to the shops rather than drive – moves app tracks every step you take and all movements from walking to cycling. The app doesn’t focus on calories burned and timescales, it simply records steps taken, distance and total time of that activity. And as previously mentioned it can work for activities such as walking, running and cycling.

How the Moves App works

Moves app is a glorified and very clever pedometer. It will automatically clock all of your walking, cycling and running, as well as exactly where you go on a day-to-day basis – all without the need to select the activity you are doing, it just knows! The trick is that once you’ve launched the app for the first time, you can just leave it running in the background. There’s no need to start or stop the app for every little activity, or think about closing it once you’ve synched it online.

Once launched it and is open, that is it, extremely simple. All you need to do is check up on what you have been doing and work to beating the previous days.

Why Use Moves?

Moves is a fantastic little app and a way of encouraging small daily changes that can positively affect your health and well being – it is well documented that the recommended number of steps daily you should be doing is 10,000, and this apps help you achieve this. The small set of features that it does offer are all very robust and the back end of the app works well to differentiate bogus steps to the real ones.

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